SELAMAT Meeting 2005 Portugal

SELAMAT Meeting 2005 Portugal

Topic: "EU-ASIA cooperation on Food Safety; a strategy forward". The meeting took place in April 2005 in Lisbon, Portugal and was hosted by IBET.


To establish a EU-ASEM Food Safety Platform with the following characteristics:

  • Direct access to top experts on many expertise fields in EU and Asia 
  • Influence in research agenda setting 
  • Political influence
  • Easy access to outcomes of EU frame work programs and ASEM counterpart 
  • Means to extend existing network
  • Discuss “sensitive information” informally

To develop plans for cooperation including training courses and workshops.

Day 1 - April 11th, 2005


  • Opening by Dr. Hans Marvin, overall coordinator of SELAMAT

Presentation of linked EU 6th FP projects

Presentation of overview per invited country from ASEM

Day 2 - April 12th, 2005

Presentation of overview per invited country from ASEM (continued) and ILSI Asia

Conclusions and discussions

  • Formalisation of Platform and future activities: Dr. Hans Marvin
  • Closing of the workshop
  • Visit of IBET and its pilot plant