About Selamat

SELAMAT was initiated in 2004 with EU funding amounting to €597k. This funding was provided as ‘pump-priming’ to help in establishing the network, but with the specific aim that it would become sustainable after 4 years.

During this 4 year period SELAMAT members met four times for 2 day business meetings, organized 1-day workshops in Portugal, Republic of Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia and organized training events (including a Seminar and hands-on training) in Thailand (two events), China, and Vietnam.

A total of 130 scientists attended the hands-on training courses covering topics such as risk assessment, pesticide analysis, mycotoxin analysis and traceability in the food chain.

A total of 600-1000 scientists attended seminars on food safety topics, and the SELAMAT website has proved to be a highly successful vehicle for promotion of the network.

A comprehensive summary of activities employed can be found in the executive summary of SELAMAT over 4 years. The final report can be downloaded as well.