Areas of expertise

About Selamat

SELAMAT is a network organisation that brings together stakeholders dealing with food production from Europe and Asia to share methodology, expertise, knowledge and policy developments related to food production with emphasis on food safety, food quality and related issues.

Subjects of mutual interest in relation to research, development, training and trade in this area are: - Certification & Normalisation - Sustainable production systems for food safety - Trade issues

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Legislation portal

The global food safety legislation portal is developed within the framework of the SELAMAT project, as it was identified that the official national MRLs and related legislation of trading countries were hard to find on the internet. A new portal was set up, to function as a ‘guide’ through on-line available information on legislation for contaminants, pesticides, veterinary drugs and additives.

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18 to 20 May 2020 – EuroResidue IX – Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands.

The EuroResidue conferences are organised to cover all aspects concerning residues of veterinary drugs such as analytical techniques, pharmacological and toxicological studies, registration and regulation, and others. Special emphasis is laid upon recent developments with respect to detection and determination of drug residues in any matrix. Euroresidue brings together experts and interested persons from various scientific disciplines to enable them to meet each other to discuss developments and problems in the field of residue analysis and to exchange ideas.



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Sustainable Agricultural Development

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